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A New Treatment is Available for Growing Eyelashes

Yes there are alternatives to Latisse but Latisse eyelash growth prescription is still the best product available to grow your eyelashes.

These methods can be used to complement Latisse alternative products to create healthier lashes.

Latisse is a formula containing 0.03 percent bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for treatment of thinning and narrowing eyelashes. Many different problems can cause eyelashes to drop off, or new lashes to grow in thinly and in sparse segments when they appear. Now there is a treatment available that has been clinically proven to work.

You can check out all the facts for yourself at the Latisse store online. The manufacturer of this remarkable product advises you to discuss use of this solution with your doctor to make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment. There is even an online locator that will help you to find a doctor if you need assistance.

When you buy Latisse with a prescription from your doctor, you will have access to a solution that can enable your eyelashes to grow longer, darker, and thicker than you ever imagined. Latisse has been tested in clinical trials with a great rate of success. The Latisse store tells you that the growth, or anagen, phase in the cycle of eyelash hair growth works in two different ways to combat thin or weak eyelash growth. The Latisse solution works to make the eyelash growth phase last longer, while it also provides the necessary ingredients to stimulate the amount of eyelashes that grow. Exact specifics are still unknown. What is known is that in the tests, most people noticed significant change to length, width, and strength of their eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks with maximum results appearing at 16 weeks.

The Latisse store gives you information on the needed sterile applicators. Each applicator is used only once, for one eye. Another applicator is needed for put the solution on your other eye. One applicator per eye helps eliminate any possibility or chance of contamination or infection from one eye to another. When you buy Latisse, you can be assured that they are concerned about your safety and your eye health.

You will need to apply the solution only after you have washed your face, removed all make-up, and dried your eyelids thoroughly. You want the cleanest possible surface of skin before you apply the Latisse treatment. Also, only apply the solution to the upper eyelashes, where the skin and eyelashes meet. Think of it similar to liquid eyeliner. Do not apply to the lower eyelashes as the upper ones will come down with the natural occurrence of blinking, and you don’t want to have an excess of the solution. Blot any residual liquid with a tissue.